What is the HSU position on the GDN agreement?

Negotiations for your new Guide Dogs NSW/ACT Agreement have now concluded and now management are preparing to take this to a vote.

All GDN staff should have received further details about how the proposed agreement will impact the classifications and pay points of individuals.

For an agreement to be approved, the majority of staff who vote need to vote yes. Technically, if 2 out 3 people vote yes, then an agreement has been voted up – so voting is critically important.

The position taken by your Union about the proposed agreement is determined by union members. In order to present the collective position of union members to the broader GDN workforce, members are asked to complete this poll:


This isn’t a binding position, but it gives direction for your HSU organisers when engaging with the GDN workforce about the proposed agreement.

If you have any questions about the proposed agreement, please contact your local HSU delegates Peter, Carole, Lyndel and Alan or HSU Organiser Emmett Gray on 0432 853 809.

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