What should ADHSU campaign priorities be between now and the state election?

  • Published July 26, 2022
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Well done to all members, including those in senior management, who have contributed to the ADHSU extra resources campaign so far. The campaign to secure extra Ambulance resources was not just about getting to patients on time, but also about dramatically reducing the crippling work intensity found in many areas of the state both on road and in control centres.

The campaign has led to enough community support for the NSW Government to announce a 1.7B increase in Ambulance funding, a part of it for bricks and mortar, the rest extra staff (including 1850 extra paramedics).

While it might be tempting to declare mission successful on extra resources and focus all efforts on campaign areas such as getting rid of the wages cap and the paramedic professional pay campaign, doing so could be unwise.

We know that if left alone to their own devices, NSWA and the Government could be tempted to put these extra resources in areas that suit political aims rather than patient and paramedic outcomes.

Instead, we need to make sure there are enough educators and management support to underpin the increases moving forward.

We need to make sure that areas such as Western/South Western Sydney, and the Illawarra Shoalhaven which are in near-constant ‘status’, see a massive boost in the first year alone. All increases in rosters must be maintained.

We need to make sure the new staff can be thoroughly mentored without further burning out a paramedic workforce beyond breaking point.

ADHSU delegates would like members’ views on the subject. Please take a moment to respond to the linked survey to ensure your voice is heard.