Where did it go? Did Scalabrini pinch your public holiday?

Did Scalabrini pinch your public holiday? – Register here now so that we can claim it back for you!

Between Christmas and New Year, Scalabrini staff should have received an Additional Public Holiday (in accordance with Clause 19.5(c)(ii) of the Scalabrini Enterprise Agreement). This day has to be on a weekday (not Saturday or Sunday) between Christmas and New Year, but not on an already gazetted Public Holiday.

Last year, it should have been on either Wednesday 28, Thursday 29, or Friday 30 December.

However, many HSU members at Scalabrini have reported that they missed out on their Additional Public Holiday in 2022 – almost like the day was pinched out of their pay packet?!

The HSU has written to Scalabrini about this, and management say that “the additional day we recognised last year was the Queens Mourning Day”. 

But that’s not right. Scalabrini cannot declare the National Day of Mourning as their Additional Public Holiday, because it was already gazetted as a Public Holiday for everyone! It seems like Scalabrini don’t understand the meaning of an “additional day”.

If you think that Scalabrini might have pinched your public holiday – Register here now so that we can claim it back for you!

The HSU can only represent members to recover your ‘misplaced’ holiday. If you're not an HSU member, make sure you join now at www.hsu.asn.au/join so that Scalabrini don’t get away it.