Workers at Southern IML Want to Bargain

As of today, well over 100 workers at Southern IML have signed the HSU’s Majority Support Determination (MSD) Petition. This means that a clear majority of Collectors, Rovers and Couriers want to bargain for a better deal!

You can sign the online MSD Petition HERE – Make sure you include your full name and address.

What Happens Next?

The online petition will remain accessible until COB this Friday (18 June) and workers will continue to be able to sign the paper version being distributed by your HSU Organiser.

Next week, the HSU will start the process of collating the petition and submitting it to the Fair Work Commission (FWC). The FWC will then determine if the signatures are legitimate and if the proposed workers to be covered by the Enterprise Agreement have been ‘fairly chosen’. Southern IML may wish to dispute the MSD in the commission, which will further delay the process.

If we are successful in the commission, the commission will issue a Majority Support Determination, compelling Southern IML to start bargaining with workers and the HSU as soon as possible.

Not a member of the HSU? Now is the time to join, only union members will be consulted on what the union will fight for in your enterprise agreement and only union members can take industrial action.

You can join online at

In unity, 

Secretary HSU, NSW/ACT/QLD