Endorsed industrial action starting first day shift Thursday morning (17 June)

  • Published June 16, 2021
  • Industries


Today, ADHSU members held a stop work meeting to discuss the outcomes from the 10th of June Industrial Action and decide what to do next to keep the pressure on in our campaign. Members from around the state shared overwhelmingly positive feedback from the action, with a few kinks to be ironed out next time.

In terms of the impact of the action, it received widespread media attention but also support from all sides of politics (in parliament and online), other emergency services, the wider Union movement and the public. It also got the attention of the NSW Treasurer who met with ADHSU delegates on the 9th of June. We are now on the Government’s radar, and it’s important we don’t let the momentum die down.

Members at today’s stop work meeting have endorsed maintaining sustained pressure on the Government in the lead up to the NSW State Budget next week with the following actions:

1.    No eMRs - Paramedics will only complete PHCRs and not include case numbers or debtor details (Aeromedical: Electronic AirMaestro Paramedic Mission Debrief Forms (PMDF))

2.    No staff movements in Metro Sydney

3.    No staff movements in Regional, except where the Service can demonstrate they have exhausted staff availability from MyShift. (ADHSU members encouraged to put their name for overtime)

4.    No P5s - patients are to be transported to hospital.

5.    No R7s - no discharges.

Members also endorsed that on Budget Day they will also not carry out any 2a 2b or R3 (that doesn’t need urgent life-saving treatment). This action is on top of and including actions listed from 1-5. It starts on the first day shift on 22 June for 24 hours. All action industrial action finishes on 23 June. We will call another stop work meeting to endorse further action after the 23rd.

As a reminder, our current pay claim is:

  • 4.7 % immediately paid (for last year’s disgraceful .3% - and the full 2.5% this year)
  • 100% of Salary Packaging benefit
  • An independent review into ProQA
  • And an agreed roadmap to real professional wages including how it will be funded by government.

A text with scripts for the above can be accessed here.

Keep up the good work.

Gerard Hayes, Secretary,