Working From Home Requests

In a time like this, it’s vital that members remain in communication with each other and with your Union. That’s why in addition to the usual channels, we have recently been conducting after-hours zoom meetings with members to determine the issues of concern in each Local Health District.

Unfortunately, there is one recurring theme I’ve heard in these meetings again and again – namely that members who are fully equipped and able to be able to work at home are having their requests denied for arbitrary reasons, or else wrapped up in so much red tape that it’s practically impossible to proceed.

I am appalled that this situation should occur, not only in isolated instances, but apparently throughout the state. We are just now hearing that the COVID situation in NSW has been declared a ‘national emergency’ – so why are management risking any more transmission than they have to?

Not only is this bureaucracy placing health workers and their families in unnecessary danger, it also runs directly counter to the Government’s message that the only people leaving their homes should be the ones who can’t possibly do otherwise.

I have written to the Secretary of NSW Health to raise this matter and to request that public health management comply with these very reasonable expectations. You can view a copy of my letter at this link.

If you are willing and able to work from home, but have had your request denied, please contact the HSU on 1300 478 679 or [E-Mail not displayed].

Lastly, I want to make mention of the members who can’t work from home because their work can’t be performed remotely. Thank you for the incredible work you continue to do under such pressure. Every one of us is thinking of you and supporting you in this time.