Workplace change at Charingfield Aged Care Community

HSU members and staff at your workplace were uncertain about potential changes to roster/shifts following the management transfer to Apollo in July 2020. Your HSU Organiser HyoJung Kim and Ben Steltenpool, Deputy Manager of the Aged Care Division, met with Apollo HR on 9 April.

In the meeting, it was made clear that management should:

  • Notify employees who will be impacted in writing and go through the proper consultation process with individuals;
  • Make sure the individuals have access to a support person from the HSU; and
  • Notify the HSU of any changes by sharing the communication between the employer and the employees at the workplace. 

On Monday 19 April, as a positive start, Apollo management shared the questions that will be asked in the process of the “evaluation of the model of staffing and roster”. They are below:

  • Is there sufficient staff to meet residents care needs?
  • Are there sufficient staff on all shifts?
  • Are there sufficient staff in all departments?
  • Is the skill mix of staff right to provide safe, high quality care?
  • Are there any areas where there are more staff than required?
  • Do staff have sufficient supervision and support?
  • Is there a dedicated point of responsibility for key quality and safety tasks, and in particular clinical quality and safety tasks?

The HSU welcomed this approach and requested that Apollo management take the safety of the staff and residents into serious consideration, and again undertake a proper consultation process to mitigate any negative impact on the staff. 

The HSU will be with you throughout the whole process. 

Encourage your workmates to join the HSU – only HSU members get representation and advice to stand up for their rights and protect their job. Join now online at or phone 1300 478 679. You can also contact your Organiser HyoJung Kim at [E-Mail not displayed] or 0458 012 322.

Finally, thank you for working as an essential health worker. If you have any concerns please contact the HSU using the details above.