You deserve a real pay increase - but is a 2% pay offer good enough?

Your enterprise agreement expired in June last year and after a twelve month pause on negotiations, it’s time for a new deal.

Last week, Health Services Union representatives met with your employer to discuss your new agreement.

Despite billions of dollars in new funding to the aged care sector, your employer is saying that there’s no new money for staff wages.

They say that the best they can do is a 2% annual pay increase, for the next three years.

Is this what you and your colleagues are worth?

Last year HSU members launched a historic Work Value Case with the Fair Work Commission, calling for a 25% increase to the Aged Care Award. It’s time for all aged care workers to be properly valued for the vital work you do every day.

If your employer really wanted to do “the best they can do”, surely they would increase their pay offer and support the HSU Work Value claim?

What do you think about the offer? Is it the best your employer can do? Email your views about the pay offer to [E-Mail not displayed].

Discussions about your enterprise agreement continue so make sure to have your say about your employer’s pay offer.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about your enterprise agreement, please contact your local HSU organiser or the HSU Member Services Division on 1300 478 679.