Your St Catherine's Agreement: Have your say now

Your enterprise agreement is up for negotiation. That means it’s your chance to have a say about what’s important to you at work.

The HSU will be at the bargaining table, representing members throughout this process to get a good outcome for all.

Fill out this survey now and have your say now about what’s important to you for the new agreement.

Your enterprise agreement sets out your wages and conditions at work, so it’s really important that it’s fair for everyone.

To get the best outcome in bargaining we need to be united and active in the workplace. That means getting everyone involved in the union.

Please take a minute to fill out the HSU survey now and invite your colleagues to get involved too.

If your colleagues are not yet HSU members, encourage them to join today so that they are part of the process.

New members can join online at or by calling 1300 478 679.

We look forward to hearing from all HSU members and working together for a great outcome.