HSU Delegates testify at Special Commission of Inquiry

  • Published April 11, 2024

On the 7th of February, HSU delegates made a historic impact as they testified at the Special Commission of Inquiry into Healthcare Funding. Their testimonies shed light on critical issues such as wasteful spending, over-servicing, and mismanagement within NSW Health.

The last meaningful healthcare assessment in NSW was in 1929, so this Inquiry is well overdue. The HSU’s submission was crafted from member feedback, emphasising the urgent need for a healthcare system that prioritises access and efficient resource allocation and makes sure that every dollar spent benefits patients and healthcare workers alike.

Members’ engagement with the Commission marks a significant milestone in HSU’s ongoing efforts to drive positive change in healthcare funding. By speaking directly to decision makers, HSU members have taken a bold stand for transparency and accountability, advocating for reforms that will benefit healthcare workers and the communities they serve.

As the inquiry progresses, HSU members will continue to be informed about significant developments.

Our fight continues.