Assistant Secretary Report

  • Published September 1, 2020

Over the past few months, since the publication of the last Unified magazine, I have been travelling around NSW visiting members who are battling to keep our communities safe through this pandemic. Once again, our members find themselves on the frontlines of a crisis however, visiting workplaces across the state has only reinforced in my mind how critical HSU members are within our health system –where would we be without you?

Your hard work and dedication is commendable. I have never been prouder to be Union. The HSU will continue to support you by advocating on your behalf at work, visiting worksites, ensuring that you have the appropriate PPE and to assist with any other issue that might arise as a result of these tumultuous times. When you need us, we are on your side. In the midst of this crisis, there has also been some very exciting news: I am proud to announce the establishment of the Indigenous Development Fund.

This fund, valued at $50,000 will support persons or programs that will; increase or contribute to the education of Indigenous peoples, assist with the provisions of health services in Indigenous Communities or support programs that otherwise benefit Indigenous communities. We have sought expressions of interest from members and been overwhelmed with the positive response. I would like to thank those who have put in their expressions of interest so far.

I look forward to meeting with our new Committee members along with Senior Vice President, Lindy Twyford and Union Committee member Laycombe Reilly, together I know that we can achieve some wonderful things. Of course, the Women’s Support Initiative and the Welfare Committee are some other great initiatives that have been endorsed by Union Committee and are currently being formed. These initiatives are just some other ways that we can help to improve the lives of working people. Once again, thank you for all the hard work that you have been putting in over the past few months.