Real Thanks Means Real Change

  • Published September 1, 2020

For years now members have come together with employers to celebrate ‘Thank You For Working In Aged Care’ day and acknowledge the incredible work of frontline aged care workers.

If ever there was a time to recognise frontline aged care workers it’s now. Members have put themselves and their families at risk, they have been frightened and fatigued but have worked tirelessly during this pandemic. Because of the pandemic, the normal events have had to take a backseat. This has also been a chance to think about what real thanks means. Aged care workers have been thanked by countless politicians - the same politicians who have knowingly overseen the chronic underfunding of aged care. They have been thanked by employers - many of whom didn’t offer decent wage increases this year. So this year aged care workers are coming together to say ‘thank you’ isn’t good enough. Real thanks means real change.

HSU members are calling for:

  • A real pay rise
  • Secure employment
  • Paid pandemic leave and safe workplaces
  • Training and development
  • Safe staffing levels and time to care