50,000 Reasons to Vaccinate for Victory

  • Published October 19, 2021

To show our appreciation for members who have taken the step to protect their workmates and communities by vaccinating against COVID-19, the HSU has launched the 50,000 Reasons to Vaccinate for Victory campaign.

Members who have been vaccinated, or are booked in to be vaccinated, can enter for their chance to win one of 50 prizes of $1,000 each. That’s a total of $50,000 up for grabs! It hasn’t always been easy to access COVID-19 vaccines or information about vaccination. Despite this, with over 13,000 entries so far, it’s clear that HSU members have been at the forefront in pushing to be vaccinated because they know it helps keep each other, and their communities, safer. As health workers, HSU members know that others rely on them and that others look up to them. In times of desperation, they’re a shining light to others. “This year, the HSU has updated its slogan to Educate, Vaccinate, Eradicate. 

We can defeat this virus together,” said Gerard Hayes, Secretary of the HSU. “We’ve gotten to where we are not through luck, but through a remarkable effort from health workers and the community. Now we just need one big final push.” While the HSU is in support of vaccination, we are in favour of education and encouragement, rather than a mandated approach. So we’d like to thank those members who have continued working on the frontline and have taken steps to protect their communities. If you are a member and have been vaccinated, or have booked your vaccination appointment, then you can enter the draw to win 1 of 50 prizes of $1000 each! The competition is open until 15 November, so if you haven’t got your entry in yet, visit the HSU website today. Visit the sites below for your chance to win!

Entry for NSW/QLD

Entry for ACT

Full terms and conditions of the competition available at the links above.