Free Parking Canterbury Hospital

  • Published December 1, 2020

Free Parking Canterbury Hospital

HSU members have campaigned long and hard for free parking for health workers. We firmly believe that if you work in a hospital you shouldn’t have to pay to get to and from work safely. 

Supporting health workers during this time is our main priority. During the height of a global pandemic, the last thing that our COVID heroes need is to pay for parking while on the frontlines.

That is why, council by council, the HSU has been making representations on behalf of members for free on-street parking at their local hospitals. Recently, the Canterbury Bankstown City Council agreed to extend the free untimed parking around Canterbury and Bankstown Hospitals until 31 March 2021. The HSU commends Mayor Clr Khal Asfour and his Council for leading the way on extended untimed hospital parking, and we encourage other councils to do the same. Members need to unite in front of local councils to achieve similar outcomes. 

With the NSW Government providing free hospital parking for all NSW health workers throughout COVID-19 and several NSW local councils offering untimed on-street parking, members are seeing somewhat of a reprieve. But for how long will this last? 

The HSU isn’t just fighting for a temporary COVID parking solution – rather, we’re pushing for permanent free parking for hospital workers. Paid hospital staff parking costs health workers millions each year. The pandemic has highlighted just how hard our health system can be on health workers. 

With the IRC’s decision to increase public sector wages by just 0.3%, it is important now more than ever that workers are fighting on all fronts. In a time where the NSW Liberal Government is chipping away at hard fought industrial rights, every union win is important. Free hospital parking is no different. 

The HSU will continue the parking fight. Our members deserve nothing less.