HSU unveils a broad new range of benefits

  • Published March 9, 2021

Being part of a Union means knowing someone has your back, in or out of the workplace. While most of the HSU’s activity is concentrated at work, it’s equally important that help be accessible to members in their daily lives. When moments of need arrive, it isn’t always while you’re at work.

That’s why the HSU has recently sought to broaden the range of benefits available to members with the launch of the HSU Wellbeing Benefits Package. This new suite of benefits will include, among other things:

  • Workplace Assault benefit payment;
  • Emergency Accommodation Expenses, for members experiencing domestic violence;
  • Family Accommodation and Transport expenses;
  • A Multiple Birth Benefit payment; and Accidental HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C infection
    (needle stick).

These benefits are available to all financial HSU members, and claimable from the 1st of January 2021. To facilitate the launch of this new benefits package, we’ve made the decision to roll back our bereavement benefit policy – meaning that upon the death of a HSU member, their next of kin will have access to a $5,000 payment. Providing practical and meaningful benefits like these – at no extra cost to HSU members – is yet another way your Union is working hard for health workers. When you support others, you deserve a little support yourself. More information, including terms and conditions and a claim form, is available on the HSU website under:

Why Join? > Member Benefits > Wellbeing Benefits Package.