HSU members rally for Wallsend’s future

  • Published June 15, 2022

In early July, HSU members held a rally at Wallsend Aged Care Facility, a publicly-run and vital asset to its community.

HSU received correspondence at the end of June from the Hunter New England Local Health District, outlining the intention to ‘consolidate’ the floors of the Aged Care building, resulting in a 70% reduced bed occupancy and safety concerns.

Members have burning questions:

Why is the facility running at a reduction of 70% bed occupancy? Will these beds stay empty, when local hospitals are overflowing with aged care patients waiting for a bed?

Is the LHD attempting to close this facility by stealth?

Members stood out the front of the facility, taking action and demanding answers from management and the LHD. Assistant Secretary / Treasurer Lynne Russell spoke with members, echoing their demands for answers and encouraging members to stand up and fight back. The HSU has highlighted the channeling of aged care services through our public health system, which both impacts aged care patients and drains scarce resources that should be going elsewhere.

Well done to our members for taking this action for themselves and their community.