Allity EA: Major Bargaining Update

Your HSU Bargaining Team recently met with Allity management and have huge news to share.

HSU members at Allity have expressed anger about Allity’s terrible wage offer and Bolton Clarke have come in to clean up Allity’s mess.

Bolton Clarke, who recently bought Allity, have now stepped in and proposed major changes to the status of the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

They want to start new negotiations for all employees working at various sites and services across New South Wales including Allity, Bolton Clarke, and McKenzie Aged Care teams.

They have also offered the following:

  • Team members who were employed during 2022 will receive back payment of 2% from the first full pay period in January 2022, payable on hours worked.
  • An additional 2% would be paid from January 2023 for team members employed during 2023, also payable on hours worked.

If this was agreed to, the back pay that was on offer in these negotiations would be paid to staff despite the Allity bargaining ceasing, and a new Allity/Bolton Clarke/McKenzie bargain beginning.

This offer would never have been on the table if it wasn’t for union members getting loud and active in the face of a terrible wage offer. To secure the back pay offer without having to vote on the agreement shows the strength of HSU members working at Allity.

Talk to your fellow union members and coworkers about this change. To be in the best position possible we need to keep the momentum going.

If you have any questions or comments, you can reach the Aged Care Bargaining Officer at [E-Mail not displayed].

We are always stronger when we stand together. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.