Are you being requested to meet with management?

It has come to the attention of HSU that employees at Peakhurst Lodge are being called to a disciplinary or allegation meetings without receiving formal notice in writing.


According to cl. 13 of your Enterprise Agreement (EA), stipulates your entitlement as an employee when there is a disciplinary matter. Please remember the following.


  1. You have right to have a ‘support person’ who can be your Union official at the meeting.
  2. If you are directed to attend a meeting outside your ordinary rostered hour, you must be paid for the hour.
  3. If you are called to the management’s office and it turns out to be an investigation or disciplinary meeting, you can politely stop the meeting and ask the management to postpone the meeting until you have a support person.


If you need assistance, contact your Union on [E-Mail not displayed] or your Organiser Hyojung Kim on 0458 012 322.


Only members can be represented by the Union.


If you know a workmate who is not a member, tell them to join today. We are stronger when we stand together. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.