Calvary Mater Newcastle: Calvary Kronos Project update and unconfirmed minutes

Dear Member,

On 10 and 24 January members of the HSU again met with Calvary National and Calvary Newcastle management to discuss the changes to payroll and the implementation of the Kronos project.

Members won the right to use their employee number logins rather than having to share fingerprint data and members have continued to provide feedback and work constructively with Calvary to make sensible changes to the implementation of Kronos. This has included:

  •  ensuring, when possible, flexible working arrangements are maintained:
  • increasing the number of sign-in boxes available
  • ensuring Calvary seriously consider and address any workload issues caused
  • reminding Calvary of its responsibilities regarding and the importance of data safety
  • ensuring hygienic use of the sign in screens.

The unconfirmed minutes from the meeting 10 January 2024 can be viewed HERE. The meeting minutes from 24 January 2024 will be provided as soon as possible.

You can read other updates about this matter here: 

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