Canberra Health Services: Consultation for proposed HIS restructure

Dear Member,

Canberra Health Services (CHS) have advised the HSU about a proposed restructure to the Health Information Services.

The Health Information Services falls under the chief finance officer’s division.

Since November 2022, ACT Public Health System have been implementing electronic records by way digital health records.

Changes being proposed by CHS in this consultation are:

  1. Update and review of all position descriptions.
  2. New HIS organisation chart that outlines new reporting lines and changes to teams and functions
  3. Change of operating hours of HIS (removal of the evening shift 4.2)
  4. Abolishment of a number of positions no longer required
  5. Creation of new positions that reflect the new functions and workload
  6. Changes to 3 team names to reflect changes in duties
  7. Change of location for one team from Canberra City to Mitchell  

You can view the correspondence at the below links:

HIS Restructure Consultation

High Level HIS Org Chart

Proposed New Structure

What do you think?

 It’s important for union members to lead this discussion. How will this affect you?

Please send your feedback on this proposal to [E-Mail not displayed] by Wednesday, 8 May, using the subject line Canberra Health Services Health Information Services Restructure.

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