Changes to COVID workers compensation: Government refuses to budge despite the surge

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In an act of what can only be described as betrayal, the NSW Government is pressing ahead with its planned changes to NSW COVID workers compensation laws. This is despite record-breaking numbers of COVID cases and increasing admissions to hospitals.

At present, if a worker contracts COVID at work and puts in a workers compensation claim, the insurer must accept liability.

Guess what? The insurer is iCare, the same group that was caught out paying its top government executives lavish bonuses (on top of the 2.5% each year) and underpaying more than 50,000 injured workers.

The NSW Government and iCare have decided that they don’t like automatically assuming frontline workers, who sometimes provide direct care to a COVID positive person or work in COVID treating hospitals, contracted the virus at work.

If these changes go through, it will mean that each worker will have to prove where they contracted COVID. How do you ask a patient or client or resident to confirm they gave you COVID?

The HSU is preparing a submission into a parliamentary inquiry into the proposed change – based on your views and experiences. If you haven’t done so already, please assist the submission by providing your views and experiences around COVID at work to this survey.

This is our chance to tell the NSW Government what it’s like on the frontline, and why it needs to support workers who are supporting people with COVID.