Chris O'Brien Lifehouse EA Update

Lifehouse Health Professionals and Support Services Agreement

After the last round of bargaining, Lifehouse had reconsidered the wages offer and refuses to increase the offer from 3% each year for the life of the agreement.

Instead, Lifehouse has also offered a 2 Year Agreement instead of a 3 Year Agreement.

We have not heard anything further from them regarding the other claims put forward. They have indicated that they will put the agreement to vote regardless.

To get more involved in bargaining, or if you would like to provide a response to the above, please contact your organiser Melissa Kelly on 0437 145 778 or [E-Mail not displayed]

Lifehouse Medical Physicists Agreement

Your bargaining representatives will be holding discussions with you regarding Lifehouse’s recent offer.

Delegates will provide the bargaining officer with an update on responses from our members.

Lifehouse Medical Radiation Scientists Agreement

Interest-Based Bargaining Training with the Fair Work Commission is scheduled to occur from Monday 27 June to Tuesday 28 June 2022.