Consultation on New Aged Care Visitor Access Code

A new aged care visitor access code has been drafted by the Council on the Ageing and its affiliates. The HSU is seeking member views for consultation on the draft code.

It proposes that during a local outbreak, aged care homes be classified into one of three categories, each with its own infection prevention and control measures: Code Green (minimal COVID-19 in the local government area), Code Orange (heightened risk due to COVID-19 in the local government area) or Code Red (an exposure or outbreak has occurred inside the Aged Care Home).

The Code also includes an ‘Essential Visitor’ policy which allows residents to designate one person who will always be permitted to visit them in person to provide essential physical and emotional care, regardless of outbreak status.

You can see the draft code on the COTA website. That link will also take you to an online form that allows you to comment directly to COTA. Otherwise, please use the union’s online survey to let the union know your views.

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