Control Centre Officers Log of Claims

  • Published March 12, 2024
  • Industries

A Log of Claims for the 2024 NSW Ambulance Control Centre Officers (State) Award is well underway. 

In January, statewide control delegates met in Sydney with demands from their members. Together, they put together a comprehensive list of demands to include in the new award. Click here to view.

Most notably, HSU delegates have called to equalise their pay with their compatriot paramedic call takers. “Same Job, Same Pay” is a principal tenet of fairness which should always be fought for.  

All members are invited to read these changes then join us for an all-member zoom meeting next Wednesday 20 March at 1pm. Here, we will review our demands and have them endorsed by members. An SMS with the zoom link will be sent to members nearer to the date.

These changes are long overdue and will contribute to the pay, conditions and overall wellbeing of control workers. This will obviously benefit the wider ambulance service and community.  

For now, have a look at the claims and join us next Wednesday at 1pm!