Frederic House: Roster changes and your rights

HSU members at Frederic House have raised concerns about recent changes to their roster.

HSU organisers have contacted Frederic House management for clarification on changes and the process undertaken in the implementation.

Members would remember that the organisation went through a similar process in August last year and it is important members understand their rights in the process and the employer’s obligations to consult.

According to Clause 8 of your Enterprise Agreement: when your employer has made a definite decision to introduce major changes at work that may have “significant effects on employees”, they must notify the employees and their representative, which is your union. Your employer must provide in writing, to the employees and their representative, all relevant information about the changes including the nature of the changes proposed, the expected effects, and any other matters likely to affect employees.

The recent changes at Frederic House such as alteration of hours of work (changes to the commencement or finishing hours of a shift) and any changes to the program, structure, or technology constitutes major workplace change and your employer must consult. During the consultation process, your employer must discuss measures to advert or mitigate the adverse impacts on you.

If the proposed changes are likely to affect you or your workmates, do not hesitate to contact your organiser Hyojung on [E-Mail not displayed].

Encourage your workmates to join the HSU. Together you have strength in your workplace. New members can join online at or call 1300 478 679.