Crowley Backpay Update

As members are aware, the Health Services Union has been running a wage reclassification case with Crowley for some months. As previously reported, Crowley management have now accepted the HSU’s position. It appears a lot of HSU members have been wrongly classified for some time. Members have reported receiving letters advising them that they are to have a meeting to discuss their classification and any possible backpay.

Members are strongly advised to ring 1300 478 679 to get a support person to teleconference in to any meetings regarding classification and backpay. Members are entitled to up to six years backpay for any underpayments. If members feel they have not been offered the correct amount of backpay they should not sign anything until they’ve had a chance to get advice.

I want to congratulate HSU members for this great outcome. Without all the payslips, diary entries, statements, and a lot of persistence this would not have been possible. If you know someone who isn’t a HSU member, let them know what HSU members have been able to achieve and encouraged to get them to join online at Alternatively, new members can ring 1300 478 679 or contact your local organiser Kirk Rostock at [E-Mail not displayed].