SOM2 Changes at St Anne's & St Joseph's- Know Your Rights!

Yesterday Catholic Healthcare announced that it would be implementing its new roster system at St Anne’s and St Joseph.

Impacted members will be asked to attend a consultation meeting to discuss what these changes will mean to you.

You have rights during consultation. You have the right to:

  • Be represented by your union
  • Ask questions and be provided with information about why the change is happening and what Catholic Healthcare is doing to minimise the impact on you
  • Say no- if Catholic Healthcare wants to reduce your contracted hours you have the right to refuse 

Members are encouraged to seek advice and support before signing anything- you can contact the HSU Member Services Division on 1300 478 679 or your local HSU Organiser Anu Mahimkar at [E-Mail not displayed] to discuss the changes and what they mean to you.

If you know someone who isn’t a HSU member let them know that union members will be supported. New members can join at or by calling 1300 478 679.

In unity,

Gerard Hayes

Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD