Estia Health Camden Roster & Pay Issues

Since advising your Organiser of the roster and pay issues, the HSU has written to management to raise these concerns on your behalf. Please see below a summary of what was raised:

  • Members have not been paid correctly.
  • Their pay is always different even though they are doing the same hours of shifts as a permanent employee for years.
  • When they submit a pay inquiry, they have been told that for sums under $100, the amount will be transferred to the next pay, and you will need to wait until the next fortnight to get your pay back.
  • This issue is affecting both casuals and permanent staff.
  • Our GSO members (i.e. Cleaners) work from 6:30am to 2:30pm but in the computer system (Roster Master Copy) it is still 7am to 2pm. Our GSO Members used to work 7am to 2pm shifts, but in 2018 their workload was increased. To cover this workload, Estia added one hour to their shift, changing the old roster from 7am-2pm to 6:30am-2:30pm.
  • GSOs have been working this roster, but it has not been amended in the computer and as a result our members have not been correctly paid. Even the current proposed roster change notification cites the incorrect roster as the ‘current roster’.
  • When members clock in and out normally, they get paid correctly most of the time (with some exceptions), but when on leave they will only be paid for 7am to 2pm because their shifts have not been changed in the system. Our members want management to change the roster in the computer so that they can be paid correctly. 

Estia Health Camden has confirmed that the issue has been resolved. Below is the response from Executive Director of Estia Health Camden: 

  • Estia has looked over our records and can confirm that all staff have been paid correctly to date and the pay is reflective of the hours of work (i.e. 6:30am-2:30pm as mentioned).
  • We had been experiencing some technical difficulties in our rostering system when adjusting the roster, yet our IT team have informed us this has been looked at and rectified. 
  • We note the issue arises only when staff member takes leave and have put measures in place to ensure staff are paid correctly during leave without delay.
  • I have confirmed with payroll that when employees that submit a pay query, they do not need to wait 2 weeks to have their pay enquiries rectified. Whilst every attempt is made to process pay adjustments, from time to time there may be a delay in processing depending on when the pay query is received (i.e. if someone sends through Thursday the offline is normally run Friday and this may not be looked at due to the number of queries we have). We have discussed this with our payroll team and will make every attempt to ensure there is no delay in processing. Your support and understanding would be appreciated. Estia wants to ensure that the employees are paid correctly and this is a priority.

If you have any issues or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact your organiser Anita Bhattarai Pangeni on 0455 995 966 or email her at [E-Mail not displayed]

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