Fresh Hope propose 3% pay increase, pause in bargaining – Have your say!

Following our successful ‘vote no’ campaign, Fresh Hope management have proposed a new course of action.

Fresh Hope are now proposing to pause enterprise agreement negotiations until September this year. This would allow time to see the outcome of the upcoming federal election, to better understand changes to the new ANACC funding model and to give time for the HSU’s work value case (which calls for a 25% increase to the Aged Care Award) to be heard in the Fair Work Commission.

HSU members have said Fresh Hope employees have gone too long without a pay increase and that our key issues – such as improvements to uniforms and better pay for employees undertaking medication duties – have not been properly addressed.

In response to your concerns, Fresh Hope have proposed the following:


  1. 3% Pay increase 
    Fresh Hope propose a 3% wage increase to all employees, back paid to the first full pay period on or after 1 November 2021.
  2.  Uniform improvements 
    Fresh Hope agrees to consult with staff about new uniforms over the next 3 months, in line with its current re-branding project. Consultation around uniform design preferences will take place over May – June and will include HSU delegates.
  3.   Medication training 
    Fresh Hope agrees to deliver medication training to ensure that staff are appropriately trained. Fresh Hope have also planned further training to ensure that there is a clear understanding around the procedures and accountabilities in respect to this function over the coming months. The HSU will continue to press for all employees who undertake medication duties to be properly remunerated for this vital responsibility.
  4. Negotiations recommence Sept 2022 
    Fresh Hope agrees to recommence formal bargaining with the HSU in September this year, to complete negotiation for a new enterprise agreement.

It is up to HSU members to determine how we respond. Have your say now on whether we support this proposal by voting here in our HSU poll.

If we support this proposal, then the wage increase will be passed on now and the 3% increase for all staff will back pay to 1 November 2021. We will also prepare to restart negotiations in the next 5 months. If we do not support this proposal, we will press for further negotiations to continue now and we will keep negotiating for all HSU members.

Make sure you have your say today.