Garden Village: stand together this Friday to demand a wage offer

Join us this Friday as we stand together for decent wage offer from Garden Village now! See details below.

For over 6 months and across 9 negotiation meetings, HSU members have waited patiently for a wage offer from Garden Village management.

Late yesterday, in response to further HSU requests, Garden Village finally responded, stating that a wage offer will be presented “on or before 6 April 2023”.

Do you think that’s good enough? We certainly don’t!

Staff shouldn’t have to plead and beg for more than 6 months just to get a pay offer.  

Garden Village issued the formal documents commencing enterprise bargaining with staff on 16 September 2022. If they weren’t willing to make a pay offer in good faith, why didn’t they just come out and say that?

Now management are offering up a litany of excuses as to why the offer has not been forthcoming. From issues with Commonwealth Government funding, to problems with indexation, to the HSU’s own Work Value Case that calls for a 25% increase to the Awards for all employees… the list of excuses goes on and on.

But at the end of the day, it’s you who are missing out, again.

That’s why we’re calling on everyone at Garden Village to stand together this Friday and show management that we deserve a decent pay offer and we deserve it now!

We’re asking all Garden Village staff to do three things on Friday:

  1. Wear a black armband on Friday 24 March as a show of solidarity and respect for your missing wage offer and the loss of good faith bargaining at Garden Village.
  2. Stand together outside Garden Village (either on your lunch break or off duty) on Hastings River Drive between 11:00 - 12:30 and help take our message to the public – Garden Village workers deserve a decent pay offer now!
  3. If your colleagues are not yet HSU members, encourage them to join the union now at so that they can support our campaign for better wages.

This is not a strike and members should only attend if you are on break or not on duty.

Garden Village management are deliberately trying to confuse the HSU’s Work Value Case (that calls for a 25% increase to the Aged Care Award) and the negotiation for your new enterprise agreement (which applies only to staff at Garden Village). Don’t fall for this! HSU members are campaigning hard for both and increase to the Aged Care Award and a decent pay increase in your enterprise agreement, because we know you’re worth more pay.

HSU Organisers will be on site to discuss this with members later this week. Make sure you come along and let’s stand together for a decent pay offer at Garden Village!