Have your say on good rostering principles

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Patient Transport delegates met recently with HealthShare management to set the ground rules for upcoming roster reform consultation.

After a rocky start that saw HealthShare trying to go around unions by selecting individuals to consult on their proposed roster reform, HSU delegates asserted that it will be union members and delegates leading the consultations about issues that are governed by the award.

With the strength of members supporting them, HSU delegates will negotiate for a roster that is fair for all, not just some.

HealthShare will be setting up the first consultative committee with HSU and NSWNMA shortly.

Additionally, a set of good rostering principles were discussed and listed by delegates based on member views. These principles centre union values and have been shared with the NSWNMA to assist in united negotiations going forward.

To make sure delegates have the strength and support of members, fill in the survey here to share your views on these principles.