Labour agreements: What do they mean for me?

Quirindi Care Services and the Health Services Union have entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to address workforce shortages. The MOU has been designed by the Federal Government to ensure that safe staffing levels can be maintained by the creation of a labour agreement that will see overseas workers employed when qualified Australian workers are not available.

However, to ensure that no locally based worker is disadvantaged by the labour agreement, all workers will have paid access to their union in the workplace.

Your organiser Karen Wiles will be onsite on Wednesday 24 January to establish if:

  • The employer has offered all current employees as many ordinary hours as they wish to work to a maximum of 76 hours per fortnight.
  • The employer has established a predictable roster of work, following required consultation with its workforce.
  • The employer has offered current employees set hours of work.
  • The employer has taken active steps to make employment accessible to employees or potential employees with family responsibilities, study requirements and similar, by accommodating flexible working arrangements including the development of roster patterns that enable the planning or accommodation of childcare arrangements.
  • Committed to the use of agency staff only in exceptional circumstances.

Once the MOU is in place, the HSU will continue to monitor fairness through the following measures:

  • All new locally employed employees will be required to attend a paid induction meeting of no less than 30 minutes with the relevant Union(s), to ensure that employees understand their workplace rights and relevant workplace responsibilities at work.
  • All new workers employed via a Labour Agreement will have a paid 2-hour induction meeting with the relevant Union(s), to ensure that they understand their rights and responsibilities at work in Australia, and the reporting and quality and safety requirements of the industry.
  • Union delegates will have access to paid leave to attend trade union delegate training and training regarding Labour Agreement rights and responsibilities.
  • Ongoing paid time meetings with employees to ensure the MOU is being implemented appropriately and fairly.

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