International Women's Day this Friday March 8

Equality is union business. And for the Health Services Union – a union whose membership and the industries we hail from are largely made up of women – it is core to our beliefs.

Traditionally our professions in health, disability and aged care have been seen as ‘feminised’ work and as a result have been undervalued. It has been HSU members who have been at the front of the fight against this, demanding greater recognition and respect.

In ambulance we have seen the gender balance shift, with far more women entering the workforce. But the Service itself at times has been slow to evolve.

This Friday marks International Women’s Day. It is a day to recognise the achievements of women – and men – as we strive for equality. It is also a time to acknowledge that our work isn’t done.

Ours is a union where women hold leadership roles, and our delegates and sub branch representatives are determined to see change in their workplaces and the community broadly. We stand united in that determination.