McMaugh Gardens- Uniform and Your Rights

Yesterday McMaugh Gardens management requested the HSU position on your rights around wearing uniforms before and after work.

In response your local HSU Organiser Karen Wiles has written to management stating:

If any organisation wishes to instruct workers to change into or out of their uniforms at work (as they have no right to direct their movements before or after work) is entitled to do so but this is seen as work and should be paid as such.

During the pandemic different organisations have taken different approaches to infection control. The HSU has and always will be supportive of employers like McMaugh Gardens who want to ensure the safety of residents and the workforce. However, any measures should not come at the expense of workers’ rights.

If you have any questions or need further information your HSU organiser, Karen Wiles, can be contacted on [E-Mail not displayed].

And thank you for the incredible work you and your colleagues have been doing over the last 12 months in keeping the residents of McMaugh Gardens safe. You deserve a pay rise and this year together HSU members are fighting for your work to be properly valued. For more information go to our We’re Worth It campaign page.