You deserve more than thank you

Today some aged care employers are running their “thank you” day. For some of you this might mean a cake or a card. For others the day might go uncelebrated.

I absolutely agree that it’s important that the work you do is recognised. But this should happen every day. And cupcakes and cucumber sandwiches after everything you and your colleagues have done over the last 17 months isn’t going to cut it.

HSU Secretary Gerard Hayes- Aged Care Worker Thank You Day


Real thanks means decent wages and secure jobs. It means acknowledging your skills and professionalism and paying you accordingly.

Real thanks means taking on the Federal Government and supporting HSU members in our Fight For 25. Until employers are prepared to stand up for workers their thank you’s are hollow.

Next Tuesday night at 6.30pm aged care workers are meeting to discuss the current situation in aged care and our campaign for a 25% increase to aged care wages. I will be seeking your approval to step up our campaign, and to name and shame those employers who won’t stand with us.

This is a meeting for all aged care workers so please let your colleagues know they can join the online meeting too:

In unity,

Gerard Hayes

Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD