Operational Ambulance Managers Award: Vote & Update

  • Published September 22, 2023
  • Industries


The Operational Ambulance Managers Award has been in the Industrial Relations Commission recently for two reasons:

  1. The 4% pay offer for those covered by the Award; and
  2. The operation of the ‘Reasonable Hours’ clause in the Award.

4% Pay Offer

ADHSU members and delegates under the Operational Managers Award convened a meeting late last month to hold further discussions regarding the 4% pay offer for Superintendents and HRMs. The result of these discussions was to hold another vote on whether to accept the 4%, or reject it and keep fighting.

VOTE HERE. Members under the Award have until COB Monday (25/09) to vote.

Operation of the ‘Reasonable Hours’ clause

The Operational Ambulance Managers Award contains a clause which provides that employees may refuse to work unreasonable overtime, and that if you’re required by NSW Ambulance to work reasonable overtime, it will be paid at overtime rates.

Members under the Award are often subject to working weeks beyond the typical 38 hours, and 24-hour on-call rosters, without any additional renumeration.

On Tuesday, in dealing with a dispute as to the operation of the ‘Reasonable Hours’ clause, the Industrial Relations Commission made the following recommendation:

  1. The parties are to confer with a view to resolving the following issues, which may include an award provision:
    i. Expected usual hours to be performed by employees covered by the Operational Ambulance Managers Award 2022 and any replacement award (the “Award”).
    ii. Payment for hours worked in advance of i) above, i.e. overtime.
    iii. On call arrangements
    iv. Review the wording of clause 11 of the Award.

In the coming weeks, ADHSU members under the Operational Ambulance Managers Award will be holding a meeting regarding the Award, the result of the Commission proceedings, and a potential log of claims for Award changes. Date and location of the meeting to be determined. Keep an eye out for an invitation.

Vote here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3V992YN