Peer Worker update: Ministry meddling, HSU meeting re next steps


12 months ago, HSU Peer Workers across the state came together to discuss the Ministry of Health’s proposed Peer Workforce Framework. HSU members expressed a clear position – the Framework was not fit for purpose and required genuine consultation with HSU Peer Workers to ensure it accurately reflected the day-to-day reality for members.

Since then, HSU Peer Workers have campaigned hard to get genuine consultation. This year, Peer Workers took the first Peer Work-specific industrial action and met with the Minister for Mental Health to advocate for Peer Workers, not Nurse Managers, having a say in your future.  

Despite this, the Ministry is continuing to try and shut down any real collective voice for Peer Workers. The Ministry has advised the HSU that only one HSU Peer Worker will be allowed to engage in the Consultation Committee. This is an insulting position considering several non-Peer managers sit on the Committee and are making decisions about the future of the profession.

The HSU Peer Worker Committee is requesting your attendance at an online mass meeting to discuss the situation and vote on the next steps. The meeting will also be an opportunity to discus and endorse the Committee’s scope of practice which has been developed as a position from HSU members.

The meeting will be held via zoom at 12pm-1pm on December 18. Registration is required via this link.