Ramsay issues insulting revised wage offer

Your HSU bargaining team has again met with Ramsay to receive their revised wages offer. Unfortunately, they have made an offer that they deem affordable, but which leaves members behind. The new wages offer is:

  • 2.5% backdated to 1 December 2022
  • 3% from 1 December 2023
  • 3% from 1 December 2024

This is an increase of only 0.5% on the original offer – despite Ramsay reporting a tidy profit of  $298 million last financial year.

As Ramsay members struggle with dramatic increases to the cost of living, your wages are not keeping pace. This is a real pay cut for yourself and your family – it’s disrespectful and fails to acknowledge the dedication you’ve shown over the difficult last few years.

Understandably, members are angry at this insulting wage offer. Some are asking what can we do? We must continue demanding a fair outcome. That means speaking to our colleagues about what we deserve and the importance of acting collectively.

As it stands currently, should Ramsay choose to put the EBA to a vote, delegates would recommend a NO vote.

What are your thoughts? Share your views on Ramsay’s ‘offer’ here.

Meanwhile, your bargaining team will develop plans for how we can collectively keep the pressure on Ramsay. Keep checking your SMS and email for more details.

Our power comes from members being engaged and active in their workplace. The more members at your workplace, the louder our voices are. Your colleagues can join at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.