Report Back on Lithgow Aged Care Second Creditors Meeting

Yesterday HSU representatives met with the Administrators (EY) of Lithgow Aged Care for the Second Meeting of Creditors.

Thank you to all who returned your proxy forms. It was a strong showing with around half of the HSU membership at site doing so. It also reminds the Administrators that you are active participants in the process going on around you.

The Creditors meeting was to cover some of the legalities around LAC being wound up and control going over to Respect. The only sticking point was with the resolution concerning giving the Liquidators authority to destroy company books and records (this is standard practice when closing companies). The HSU requested and was granted a change to this resolution to ensure that nothing is destroyed until all liabilities are fully wound up. This means until payment of historical underpayments to staff is agreed upon.

A second meeting was held later last night between the HSU, EY and their lawyers to obtain a time frame for exchange of information and documents relating to underpayments. EY has agreed to start to release information to the HSU by end of next week. Some delay to the requested documentation will be had due to privacy reasons as the HSU can only view members records.

EY has given an estimated timeframe for reimbursement of historical underpayments to be made within three months’ time. This will be after the HSU has ensured that no outstanding allowances or entitlements have been overlooked/excluded and a fair figure is agreed upon. But we are one step closer to understanding what and when you will be paid.

Again, thank you to members who have stood firm over the many months of fighting for job security and fair pay. It’s been tough but your defiance and resilience is finally paying off.

In unity,

Gerard Hayes

Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD