SNP bargaining: It ain’t over!

  • Published June 10, 2022

Your HSU delegates have met once again at the bargaining table and – as predicted – Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology is trying to get this over with, push to a vote as soon as possible, and continue to ignore or reject many of our claims. The pay increase (or lack thereof) remains a sticking point.

Now is the time to stand united.

Now is the time to stand up for your worth and rights, encourage your co-workers to seek the truth, and show SNP just how determined we are to stand together for a better deal.

Outside of bargaining HSU members have been taking management to task.

Apart from the hard work your bargaining reps are putting in at the table, there have been a lot of issues raised by members at SNP. Your delegates have been taking management to task around consultation. This has included the introduction of the “Orcoda” digital fleet management system with the couriers on the Gold Coast. Management’s interpretation of consultation has been to keep most of the staff in the dark. However, your delegates and representatives have insisted on meeting with management to seek more information and transparency about the new system and ensure the fair work requirements for consultation for all staff will occur.

Additionally, there have been issues with changes of rosters without consultation, investigations into breaches of staff privacy, and lots of individual issues raised by our members that we continue to assist with. All of this hard work takes time, and your delegates work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure Sullivan Nicolaides are held to account.

Your HSU delegates continued their delegate training while attending our HSU delegates conference in Sydney in May. They joined over 500 HSU delegates from across NSW, ACT, and QLD. They shared ideas, attended workshops, and proudly represented you in your fight for better wages and conditions.

And finally, as we all wait for the outcome of the Fair Work Commission around national wage increases – stay strong, support one another and encourage your work colleagues to stand up and make a difference in this fight for fair!