Update: one-off $3000 payment to health workers

As you will know, the NSW Government is providing a one-off $3000 payment to health workers. The HSU has been seeking further clarity around this payment on behalf of members.

There are some important criteria that members need to meet in order to be eligible for the payment.

What are the major criteria?

  • Members must be employees of NSW Health or employees of affiliated health organisations. You can see the full list here – it includes St Vincent’s Hospital and Calvary Health Care.
  • Members must have been employed on or before 1 April 2022 and still have been employed on or after 1 July 2022.

Which employees get the payment?

  • Full time staff who have been employed for the last 12 months are eligible for the full $3000 payment. Full time staff employed for less than 12 months will receive a pro rata payment. Senior Executive Service and Health Executive staff are not eligible.
  • Part time staff AND casual staff are entitled to a pro rata payment based on average hours worked over the past 12 months.
  • Temporary staff are eligible if they are employed by NSW Health.

What does the payment include?

  • The payment will be taxed.
  • Superannuation is included.

You are also eligible if you work for NSW Health Pathology, NSW Ambulance, HealthShare NSW, eHealth NSW, Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network, the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network and all other organisations under the NSW Health umbrella and affiliated health organisations.