St Basil's Lakemba: Major Workplace Change

St Basil’s management has provided the HSU with notification that a decision has been made to reorganise the structure of recreation and activities. See correspondence at this link.

Please read the document carefully. It is important that HSU Members understand that this is a proposed change. You have a right to raise issues with the change and the employer must reasonably consider the concerns prior to the implementation.

As per the correspondence, St Basils yesterday held meetings to discuss the change. If you feel that you will be affected by the change, or if you are written to in relation to changes to your position, you should contact the HSU via email [E-Mail not displayed] While the HSU is unable to be onsite at this time, your HSU Organiser is available to provide support and representation.

If you have workmates who are still not members of the HSU, you should encourage them to join. Your workmates can join by visiting or by calling 1300 478 679.