St Vincent’s Lismore: HSU members receive final offer, let’s move toward a vote!

St Vincent’s Lismore has confirmed that their response to our bargaining claims is the final offer they are willing to put forward.

While HSU members would have liked to see St Vincent’s make more concessions on some of our claims, the 5% annual pay increases – one backdated to May 2023, and another from May 2024 – have been received positively.

It’s also a step in the right direction that the employer is willing to pay superannuation contributions to employees during their paid maternity leave.

We are now encouraging St Vincent’s to provide us a draft of the new agreement as soon as they can, so we can move closer to voting on it. When that vote happens depends on when St Vincent’s produces the draft agreement, and how reflective the agreement is of these negotiations. But HSU members have made it clear they want this agreement to be completed soon!

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