Stop work zoom meeting and updated bans

ADHSU members from NSW Ambulance met again today at a 0700 meeting on zoom to discuss the state of the current bans and the fight to win a decent pay increase for all public sector workers in NSW this year. Members from Clinical Operations and Control engaged in productive discussion and voted, with 92% in favour of continuing the current bans with some minor adjustments.

To provide further clarity regarding overtime and staff movements, 96% voted in favour of adopting the Paramedic Alert Channel (PAC) model on Microsoft Teams that has been very successful in the North Coast. This will require the Service to place the offer for overtime at the relevant station on PAC and myShift for at least 60 minutes before a staff movement to fill a vacancy in that area can occur. For guidelines on following this system, please see updated bans document below.

This document includes links to guideline documents for crews and Station Officers regarding the appropriate use of PHCRs during the bans, guidelines and scripts for staff movements and changes to the Thursday bans on R3s, which will recommence on Thursday 12th May, but will now exclude RACF and Protocol 33.


Members must read the attached document to ensure they are fully across the current state of the bans and should approach their station representative if there is anything they are unsure of.