Tenterfield Care: Your workplace should be a safe place for everyone

It has come to the attention of your union that the Tenterfield Board has circulated communication to staff that is both extremely disappointing and unprofessional. Making loose allegations about staff is extraordinary, so too is breaching the privacy of an employee during what must be a stressful time.

Every worker deserves to work in a safe environment, free from bullying and intimidation. You should be able to come to work without the rumour mill being set off by the questionable actions of management.

If you or your colleagues are asked to respond to any of the allegations made in the communication, please contact your HSU Member Services Division for support and advice on 1300 478 679 or contact your local HSU Organiser Kirk Rostock on 0488 086 907.

If you know someone who isn’t an HSU member, please share this newsletter and let them know their workplace rights to a safe environment for all.