Today is Work Value Day

It was on this day 12 months ago that HSU members launched our Work Value Case in the Fair Work Commission, demanding a 25% increase to award wages.

Today is our Work Value Day.

Since then, we have lodged our evidence with members from across the country making statements. Now the Fair Work Commission has called for aged care employers to have their say. And we will call on every one of them to support you and your colleagues in our Fight for 25!

But while we still wait for the outcome of the case, I am concerned that things on the ground are getting worse. At last night’s campaign meeting members reported working 14 days straight of double shifts, just to cover the work. At the same time, roster reviews and outsourcing continue.

We have employers offering 1% wage increase and, in some cases not even that.

It is clear that the sector is in crisis.

At last night’s meeting members endorsed that we must unite once again to:

  1. Call on every employer in the sector to support our Work Value Case,
  2. Immediately commence bargaining with employers,
  3. Take on understaffing workplace by workplace,
  4. Make aged care the federal election issue it needs to be. 

We must win in our workplaces, with our employers and in the community.

Today on our Work Value Day, I am asking members to put their hands up to be a workplace contact. If you want bargaining to start in your workplace, if you want to take on understaffing and help organise your colleagues, email [E-Mail not displayed] and your local organiser will be in contact.

Finally, and particularly on this day I want to thank you for all your work on the frontline of this pandemic. Your work continues to keep older Australians safe.

In unity,

Gerard Hayes

Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD