Union Win at Southern IML: Unpaid Overtime for Part Timers

On the 21st of December last year, your organiser wrote to Southern IML management advising of a dispute under the Award over unpaid overtime. Yesterday, your organiser confirmed with Southern IML how they intend to pay the overtime they owe to part time staff. Part Time workers who have performed work above their contracted hours within the last six years are eligible for missed payments.

Southern IML have yesterday committed to the following process:

  1. Management will calculate how many overtime hours are owed (contract compared to pay records)
  2. Management will present their findings to staff and give them the opportunity to review the figure presented to them and do their own calculations if they wish.
  3. Once the staff member has had time to review the figures, they can either agree with the number presented to them or challenge this number.
  4. Once an amount of unpaid hours has been agreed upon by both parties, pay office will calculate subtractions for excess Annual Leave/Long Service Leave and super. Additional Sick Leave will be deducted from Sick Leave Balance rather than the balance of the final payment.
  5. These calculations will then be presented to affected staff in a letter which will include detailed workings from the pay office.
  6. A representative from the company and the staff member will sign a copy of the final report and agree on a final number. This letter with workings and agreed payment will be put in the employees’ file and the employee will be provided with a copy.

It is important that this process is followed to the letter and all HSU members diligently ensure that their rights are being protected. The HSU will be monitoring the process closely to ensure that all staff who are owed money get every cent.

Questions? Contact your organiser Roy on [E-Mail not displayed] or call him on 0409 393 295.

If you know someone who isn’t yet a member of the HSU, tell them to join and get protected. When we stand together, our voice is much stronger in the workplace. New members can join at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.