Update on Part Time Grad Recruitment Bans

  • Published January 18, 2021
  • Industries

The bans are working! The Service is feeling the pressure, but they have yet to meet any of our demands.

As of 10pm tonight, bans escalate to include a 24/7 BAN ON ALL DISCHARGES.

All other bans also remain in place:

  1. Delaying pressing "off stretcher status" until the medical record complete, ambulance decontaminated, and paramedics recovered.
  2. Ban on non-urgent hospital transfers between 2200 hours and 0700 hours.
  3. Ban on the collection of debtor details. 

In relation to the current ban on non-urgent transfers between 2200 hours and 0700 hours, they include:

  • Transfers from higher level of clinical care to lower level of clinical care, and
  • Non time-critical cases

*In the Interest of patient safety, time-critical cases, including R3’s, are exempt from this ban.

 Our demands are:

  1. A written briefing document of the proposal.
  2. A withdrawal of the 11 December EOI and survey that the Service relies upon as ‘support’ for the proposal.
  3. A reissuing of formal communications to graduates on the e-list informing them that at the end of their training, they will be treated like any regular P1T and can be sent anywhere in the state on the same 0.5 part-time hours as their internship.
  4. A withdrawal of the FAQ issued to all staff on 7 January.
  5. Paid time meetings with all ADHSU members to be facilitated to discuss the proposal.

These bans impact all members across the Service. When enforcing the bans, please be respectful and maintain solidarity.