Update: JHH to Maitland Hospital beds relocation

HSU representatives have again met with HNELHD and HealthShare regarding the move of 28 beds from the JHH to Maitland to allow for construction on the extensions to JHH to proceed.

Your HSU representatives are pressing management to ensure:

  • There are sufficient staff to meet the demands of the service at Maitland for all HSU classifications.
  • Safe parking is available at the Maitland site.
  • Management and reporting lines are clear.
  • Travel allowances will be paid in accordance with the awards.
  • That any safety issues are addressed prior to the move.

We now have further information for members to consider. Attached for your review are:

  • Unconfirmed minutes of the two USCC meetings: here (25 July) and here (15 August).
  • Questions posed by the NSWNMA with answers from HNELHD that may be relevant to HSU members: here.

For background, you can see two earlier newsletters here: Update: JHH wards temporary relocation to Maitland Hospital and HNELHD: Proposed temporary relocation of JHH wards to Maitland Hospital.

If you want to get involved and attend the regular meetings as an HSU representative, please contact your local organiser, Tracey Gaddelin – Maitland ([E-Mail not displayed]) or Matt Ramsay – JHH ([E-Mail not displayed]).