Warrigal: Is 1.75% good enough?

Is 1.75% good enough? Have your say here:

Warrigal is offering you and your colleagues a 1.75% wage increase from 1 July this year – and has asked you to give up bargaining for one more year.

This is a similar deal to what was offered last year. A small wage increase and nothing more.

Last year, members decided to take up the fight with the Federal Government to fund aged care wages. We lobbied, we rallied, we zoomed, we signed petitions. We launched our campaign to raise wages in aged care by 25%.

Since then, the Aged Care Royal Commission has handed down its final report and recommended increased wages. Since then, the Federal Government has handed down an extra $17.7 billion to flow into aged care over the next five years. And today the Fair Work Commission handed down a 2.5% wage increase to 2.2 million workers.

Late last week, HSU delegates and representatives met to discuss the offer and determine their recommendation to members. After much discussion, your workplace representatives are recommending members reject 1.75%, call on Warrigal to increase the offer to 5% and commence formal bargaining immediately.

Ultimately the position taken by the HSU will be determined by HSU members.

Is 1.75% good enough?  It’s now up to you and your colleagues to decide. Should we reject the offer and fight for more? Or should we accept the offer and hope that bargaining will commence next year?

You can have your say here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/warrigal21

If you know someone who isn’t an HSU member, let them know what is being offered and that by being a HSU member they get to have a say. New members can join at www.hsu.asn.au/join or by calling 1300 478 679.